The news doesn't have to be exhausting.

Let's face it. Our cultural relationship with the news hit rock bottom a while ago – and somehow kept getting worse.

When everything and everyone is trying to grab your attention, your attention fragments and deteriorates. When algorithms continuously reconfigure our perception of the world to maximize the chance that we might buy something right now, we lose our sense of shared reality and common purpose. When the news cycle is measured in seconds, headlines blend together, context erodes, and it becomes harder and harder to distinguish signal from noise. Add to that the potent mix of organized disinformation campaigns and the most efficient tools for abuse and harassment ever created and you get something resembling the current media landscape.

Our mission is to offer a reprieve from social media burnout – a healthy alternative to the infinite scrolling feed.

What does a modern news experience look like when it's built to make people happy, informed, and productive – rather than to vacuum up the maximum amount of their attention?

That's what we asked ourselves when we started building Thread. Thread finds meaningful content from your favorite places for you and delivers it precisely when you want – so you can spend less time checking your phone and more time doing... well, anything else.

Meet the Makers

Our Team

We're a small team of news junkies in Brooklyn, New York. Interested in working with us? Drop us a line.

Nick Gerard

Founder and CEO
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Steven Layne

Co-founder and CTO
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Claudeson Azurin

Co-founder and Senior Developer
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Emma Grace Moon

Community & Affiliate Manager
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